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So just what qualifies me to be a Wedding Master of Ceremonies Coach?

Throughout my university years I held a job as a bartender at a wedding specific venue. This job allowed me to witness literally hundreds of Wedding receptions …and believe me, I’ve seen it all.

I’ve witnessed gentlemen drink away their fears and spend the evening mumbling tasteless jokes. I’ve seen young women speak so quietly that the entire night seemed like a long, painful, awkward silence. I’ve even seen MCs get cold feet at the last minute, leaving the father of the groom to stumble his way through a shortened hour of improvisation.

On the other hand, I’ve also been privy to performances that soared. MCs who were so natural and flawless that the guests literally hung off their every word. These were the naturals. The impressive few with perfect timing, tone and body language. It was these individuals whom I watched most closely. I really studied them and noted the subtle nuances that made them successful.

I think it was because of this background that two of my friends first asked me to be the Wedding Master of Ceremonies at their wedding. The evening turned out better than I could have ever imagined and frankly, I was hooked. Seven more Wedding Master of Ceremonies gigs later and I can honestly say that the feedback I have received has been both flattering and addictive.

While there is no true certification which allows me to claim to be a Wedding Master of Ceremonies Coach, I am confident that all of the tips and tricks that I can offer will make you confident, humorous and, most importantly, entertaining.

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